Santa Barbara Real Estate


“I have some advice that I want you to take seriously if you are thinking of using Mary Layman as your Realtor. Do not do it unless you are ready to move forward. Once you flip the on-switch it’s full speed ahead until you have reached the finish line. I say this from experience as I have opened and closed 9 escrows with Mary.  Suffice to say if you use Mary to list your home or to help you purchase a home you have armed yourself with the sweetest bulldozer Santa Barbara has to offer. She knocks down barriers with charm, grace and incredible perseverance.”

-Dave Smargon

Tony Sandrich

Mary simply works harder and more efficiently than other people do. She is smarter and more capable and seems to do this as a reflection of her personal style. That is, Mary is about excellence and satisfying the client. Her personal standards for her work are simply very high and she will do no less than excellent.
--Tony Sandrich